Agustin Fernandez Mallo / Tiempo topológico y Exonovela Hypermedia Fiction


Agustín Fernández Mallo (La Coruña-Spain, 1967) has a bachelors in Physical Sciences. In 2000, the term Post-poetic Poetry reached its height making connections between literature and sciences, which is reflected in Yo siempre regreso a los pezones y al punto 7 del Tractatus (2001), Creta lateral Travelling (2004), Premio Café Món and the book of poems and performance of Joan Fontaine Odisea [mi deconstrucción] (2005). In 2007 he was awarded with the City of Burgos Award for poetry for his book Carne de Píxel. His book, Postpoesía, hacia un nuevo paradigma, has been a finalist for the Anagram of Essay Award in 2009. In 2006, Mallo published his first novel, Nocilla Dream, which was selected by Quimera magazine as the best novel of the year, by El Cultural de El Mundo as one of the best ten, and in 2009 it was chosen by critics as the 4th most important Spanish novel in the decade. Both critics and the general public have agreed with amazement in what his novel trilogy is doing for Spanish literature. The second novel, Nocilla Experience has received awards for best book of the year in 2009, and the last, Nocilla Lab, has been chosen by critics of the cultural section of El País, Babelia as the third best novel in Spanish in 2009.