Claire Taylor / From Macondo to Macon.doc: Magical Realism and Hypermedia Fiction

Claire Taylor is Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the University of Liverpool. She is actively involved in research on Latin American cyberculture, having been invited to give six papers on this topic to date, having organised three panels at major conferences, and having several publications on this topic. She was awarded an RDF-funded PhD studentship in this area, and is currently supervising the student in question who is conducting research on digital culture in Brazil. She is also the second supervisor for an interdisciplinary PhD student working on transmedia fictions. Dr Taylor is also joint leader on a project on Latin American cyberculture, in conjunction with Dr Thea Pitman (University of Leeds). The project examines cultural products created for the Internet, and new discourses, practices and communities generated by such cultural products. It explores the way Latin American online practice provides for new formulations of cybercommunities, which are reconfigured across and beyond the confines of the nation state, and which propose new ways of negotiating locality. Outputs already achieved include a symposium in 2006, and an edited volume which was published in 2007. Further details of the project are available on the project website: Dr Taylor is also a leader on a collaborative project with colleagues at the University of Georgia, Athens, entitled Latin American Cybercultural Studies: Exploring New Paradigms and Analytical Approaches, which will include a conference to be held in Liverpool in 2011.

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