Doménico Chiappe / La literatura envolvente y otros retos del escritor multimedia

Born in Peru in 1970 and raised in Venezuela since 1974. In 2002 he settled in Madrid. He has won the prize for short story Ramon J. Sender and published in Spain storybook Paragraphs Loose (UCM, 2003) and the novel Interview with Mailer Daemon (The Factory Publishing, 2007).
Teaches workshops in fiction, literary journalism and hypermedia in public and private schools such as La Casa Encendida, Universidad Carlos III and Fuentetaja Creative Writing Workshops. He is a researcher at the Institute of Culture and Technology at the University Carlos III and a regular columnist for media.
He has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the UNICEF's Latin American Awards and Agencia EFE. As a multimedia artist has published the novel hypermedia Earth Extraction and directed the collective novel Cosmos's Footprint.