Ledesma_Photo.jpgEduardo Ledesma / Close readings of the historic and digital avant-gardes: an archeology of kinetic poetry in Barcelona, Spain.

Eduardo Ledesma (Barcelona-Spain, 1972) is a PhD candidate in the department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. Previously he had earned his MS in Structural Engineering and worked as a bridge designer and builder. His research is focused on Contemporary Peninsular –in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese- and Latin American Literature (20th, 21st Century) as well as Film and Visual Culture, and New Media topics, especially those involving digital poetry and literature, but also museum based work such as installation and video art. He is currently spending a year in Barcelona, Spain, on a Fulbright grant, writing a dissertation on “The Historic Avant-garde and the Digital Age: Experimental Literary Forms in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon.” which explores the relation between the historic avant-garde (1905-36) and digital literature (1995-2010) in three Iberian cities, considering its relevance to debates on emerging media, cultural literacy, international belonging and the status of existing art forms vis-a-vis the digital. Beyond the academic Eduardo is an avid distance runner.