Germán Sierra / Post-Digitalism in Contemporary Spanish-Narrative

Neuroscientist and author of contemporary innovative fiction. I got my MD and PhD degrees at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) before doing postdoctoral research in cognitive neuroscience with Prof Joaquin Fuster at the Brain Research Institute in UCLA. I currently work at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where I am Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Principal Investigator of the Neurochemistry of Epilepsy Laboratory at the Medical School. I have done extense research in the neurochemistry of the hippocampus during experimental epileptic seizures. My work has been published in major Neuroscience and Neurology journals as well as in several Neuroscience and Neurology books both in English and Spanish. As a writer, I am deeply interested in contemporary experimental fiction. I have been included in the so called "Nocilla generation", "Mutantes" or "Afterpop writers": an emergent group of Spanish writers who are strongly committed with innovative literature. Most of my fictional work deals with metamediatics and the role of science and technology as cultural discourses in postmodern and posthuman societies. I have published four novels (El Espacio Aparentemente Perdido, Debate, Spain, 1996; La Felicidad no da el Dinero, Debate, Spain, 1999; Efectos Secundarios, Debate, Spain, 2000 and Intente usar otras palabras, Mondadori, Spain, 2009) and a book of short stories (Alto Voltaje, Mondadori, Spain, 2004). My novel Efectos Secundarios was awarded with the Jaen Prize in 2000. Besides, my fictional work has been published in several anthologies both in Spanish and English, and my essays are in books about contemporary culture, technology and writing.