Hilda Chacón / Trespassing Asssumed Notions of Self and Otherness: Latin@s and Latin Americans' Cultural Productions in Cyberspace



Hilda Chacón is Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at Nazareth College, in Rochester, NY. She has directed the Women’s Studies Program and the Emerson Language Lab –she lead the writing of a grant that awarded the institution with $300,000 for the creation of the lab. Her first career is as a journalist and she has worked on radio, TV, and press media in Costa Rica, her native country. She obtained her Ph.D. in Contemporary and Indigenous Literatures and Cultures of Latin America with a minor in Cultural Studies at The Ohio State University (1999); her dissertation analyzes urban chronicles in Mexico post-NAFTA.

She has published a book chapter on Mexican political cartoons in cyberspace in Mexico Reading the United States, ed. Eagan & Long (Vanderbilt UP, 2009), as well as articles on cyberspace, mass media, transnational cultural identities, testimonial narratives, and gender issues. Some of her creative writing has been published.
She is member of the Modern Languages Association (MLA) Division Executive Committee on Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature (2009-2014) and has been editor for Grafemas, the electronic bulletin of the Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánicas, AILCFH (2004).