Irene Zoe Alameda / "Una invitacion al arte de siglo XXI: La plenitud de la mimesis"


Irene Zoe Alameda was born in Madrid, Spain in 1974. She graduated with a degree in Hispanic Philosophy at Universidad Complutense and continued her studies in Germany and the United States, where she obtained a PhD in Comparative Literature at Columbia University with high honors for her neo-picaresque novel on post-war European Literature. She has translated several novels and a book of poems to Spanish. She has been a Literature professor in diverse North American and Spanish universities. Between 2006 and 2009 she worked as a researcher at the Superior Counsel of Scientific Investigations (CSIC). Over the last few years, her work in film, language and literature have appeared in distinct specialized publications. “Sueños Itinerantes” is her first novel of which Seix Barral Editorial has the rights to in Spanish. Aside from her academic activity, she has fulfilled roles in the film ambit and in 2002 she directed her first short film “Tarde de Homenaje.” In 2008, she founded the production company Storylines Projects for which she wrote and directed her second short film “Buen Viaje.” This film, starring Cayatana Guillén Cuervo and José Coronado, is producing great success in both national and international festivals. Presently, Irene lives in Stockholm where she is Director of the Cervantes Institute.